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Dressage to Music

Dressage to Music Workshop at Union Hall in December 2009.


Two well attended sessions (riders and spectators) were held and everyone took away some useful hints and tips for future competitions.


The instructor - Wendy Howes from Northumberland brought along a selection of music as well as the tracks prepared by the riders taking part.  Everyone had the opportunity to ride a short test at the end called out by Wendy.


Wendy explained the various movements allowed at each level within Dressage to Music and also how to make the most of the arena, yours and your horses skills.  Wendy also explained how each movement has to be well defined as the judge doesnt know whats coming next!!


An enjoyable day was had by all and hopefully Wendy will be back to provide more instruction in 2010.  


Apologies that the video link above is not working.  I have farmed out the task of getting this to work so just bare with us and you'll be able to view it soon!!!!!